Progress: Minimalism Related

Welcome to this beautiful little page where I share with you the areas of my peculiar little life in which I want to practice minimalism with regards to a conscious and mindful life. See how well it worked in 2015 since I started this journey, and be sure to pop around again in the new year; I will update this page as I go along.

  1. Ditching Consumerism

I’ve started the year with a big declutter and let go of many sentimental items that turned out had no value to me. 365 days later, it seems time to repeat and get rid of the stuff I’ve accumulated since.

In terms of anti-consumerism, I’ve also told you about the huge pile of perfectly good items that we rescued from the charity bins. I’ll definitely let you know what happened to all those goodies in a follow-up post.

I’m also planning to impose a shopping ban for a month or maybe two, to become aware of the things I buy without noticing. I’m quite excited to do it, especially since we moved into a new flat and seem to have a need to acquire a lot of new stuff to make it truly ‘ours’.

  1. Fashion

I’ve completed Project 333 from February to May and learned a lot about my style and which clothes I truly need and which are just decoration. After another 6 months without a specific 33 items rule, I still have a very slim wardrobe of under 40 pieces and very happy with it. I’m planning an extensive post on this in the new year.

I started to buy secondhand only where I could, which worked quite well with most items I need. Some pieces of clothing are extraordinarily hard to find in charity shops, such as shoes or good raincoats. I wish I could say I bought ethical and sustainably manufactured clothes in these cases, but I haven’t, and my only excuse is lack of time to consider my alternatives. I did, though, consider their quality, and hope that the new clothes I bought will last a very long time!

  1. Sharing is caring!

Even though it doesn’t seem related to issues concerning our environment, sharing things can have a huge impact, and although we seem more and more separated in our efforts, sharing networks provide an excellent platform to re-connect with likeminded people, or just anyone for that matter. You can find new treasures in your local library, or swap books for free on BookCrossing. If it’s more than just books, you can find a lot of free items on Freecycle. Couchsurfing is for travellers who offer their homes to provide free accommodation to others. And to get around town, you could grab yourself a bike from your local bike sharing programme, and save those carbon emissions for someone else!

Despite all these, I will continue in 2016 to look for more and more of these awesome platforms to be able to provide a list which offers a useful network for any need. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments, especially for the US and other countries I don’t have first-hand knowledge of.

  1. Slow Living

This is probably the area I’ve made the least progress. It’s my greatest weakness that I have a natural aversion to standing still. But additionally to that, university and general life won’t let me breathe for a second! I talked about my deep wish to slow down my day-to-day life, but haven’t actually accomplished it very well.

In an attempt to revive that pledge, I took the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge, but our stressful move and having no internet for five weeks got me out of the habit. One of my pledges for 2016 is to take up Yoga again, as I know it benefited my physical and mental health enormously. I know, though, that the various commitments I have won’t allow me to live what they call a ‘slow life’, and I’m okay with that. Even if I have a minute, I’d rather spend it studying for uni and making sure my future job will be a decent one. I don’t know if that’s the right decision, but I’ve never been one to miss out on sleeping, so I do know where my personal balance lies.