Progess: Other Issues

My blog has mostly centred around the two topics of zero waste living and minimalism. But there’s more to it than that! There are many issues I have briefly touched on in 2015 and would like to take to the next level. They are equally important to wasting less or consuming less, which is why they deserve credit on their own. Anything I forgot? Let me know, and I will update this page!

  1. Vegetarianism

Reviewing my blog at the end of this year, I realise I have only spoken once about vegetarianism. Knowing what huge impact the meat and dairy industry have on our planet, I want to put my focus more and more on reducing meat out of my diet. I’ve pledged that I want to go weekday vegetarian in 2016. I know a lot of vegetarians and vegans who simply dislike the taste of meat. I’m not one of them, which is unfortunate, and my self-discipline alone has not managed to make me entirely give up yet. It’s a work in progress and I’m happy you’re with me on it.

Having said that, I’ve also briefly touched on healthy diets by refusing added sugars for a week, which was by far the toughest challenge of the year. In the meantime, we’ve given up on sugary drinks entirely, only some juice every now and then. But my addiction to chocolate is still alive and well, so I continue to feed it for now, making sure I mostly buy fairtrade and cardboard packaged.

  1. Transportation

After our move, I’m now cycling to university and around town which makes me quite proud. But my two big culprits are our car and flying habits.

We’re trying to sell the car, but it proves a lot more difficult than anticipated (anyone in Scotland want a Zafira?). Getting rid of it will be a huge relief. On the other hand, we still fly a lot, and it will probably not change in the new year, due to various reasons. Most importantly is that both my and my boyfriend’s parents live 500 mile in rural countryside (him) and 1000 miles and a stretch of water (me) away. The other reason that train journeys, as well as most bus journeys, are simply unaffordable on our extremely slim budget. Despite all good intentions, paying 5 times or more the price is just not doable. I do hope that my other efforts make up for all those carbon emissions, and one day I’ll hopefully have a well paid job to stop it altogether… (Sadly not too soon, though.)

  1. Water & Power

Another issue that is too little talked about, especially zero waste blogs! But it’s actually quite a large issue, wasting water and electricity. I’ve done my bit where I can, not leaving the lights on and doing similar things they teach you in school. But it goes further than that. Leftover water from my water bottle, for example, goes to water the plants. Boiling pasta and using the boiling water to simultaneously steam vegetables. Using a waster saving toilet flush. Having shorter showers. That’s a few things I’ve done, although I know there is a lot I can do more. The same goes for electricity. I will devote a post on both of these issues in 2016. But most importantly is still the fact that our electricity on our flat is not 100% renewable. It’s a fact I often forget and overlook, as it’s such an intangible part of our life. I want to investigate my options in 2016 and make the power in my flat as green as I can.

  1. Information & Education

Although I don’t want to be overly political on my blog, I have allowed myself a little ramble before the general elections in the UK. I believe it is important to stay informed and be able to explain your position when asked about it. Sadly, I’ve not been doing to well in keeping up with the details of very common issues such as GMOs, fracking, or recycling issues. I want to continue where I left this path when I informed myself about plastics, and will make sure in 2016 when asked about my position, I will be able to defend my opinion based on information, and not on fear or suspicion. I hope you choose to do so, too, and I will be able to help you with it. If you have any articles or posts about controversial issues, please share them below! Knowledge is power, and education is the only way to defy ignorance.