Spreading the word offline

Hello everyone! I do hope you haven’t missed my posts too much recently. Truth is, I’ve been busy doing all types of things (some uni work was involved), that I decided to exercise no rush when it comes to blogging. I just finished classes, which I will promptly use to update you on what’s happened in the meantime.

A few weeks ago, I have finally let myself convinced to give a talk about Zero Waste here at university. Continue reading


I’m not weird, I am the future.

Rant Warning! (Don’t say I didn’t tell you.)

This is to the people who make me feel like the world’s greatest weirdo, by judging me, calling me names, joking about me, boycott me, or just look at me funny, I’ve now composed a little letter I wrote to you, in the hope that one of you accidentally finds this blog. Here it is: Continue reading

The Day I’m Going to Stop Buying Things and Start Being Happy

When you’re advocating a cause for a long time, you better put your money where your mouth is. If the thing you’re advocating happens to be non-consumerism, you better put your money anywhere – just not into another purchase!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but I always felt I wasn’t ‘prepared’ enough. I needed guidelines and make sure that the list of things I can buy really includes anything I could really need. But as I know notice, that’s entirely besides the point! Anyway, I’m doing it now, from Ash Wednesday (what a fitting date) to 3rd April: a 60-day shopping ban! Continue reading

2015 Wrap Up! 2016, Here We Come!

It’s the end of the year: time to get all sentimental about what I’ve achieved and what I haven’t in one year. Then moving on to the feeling that there is so much I had hoped or even planned to do, and the realisation that no human will ever do all those glorious things we all dream about. All in all a fairly depressing time.

And also time for a recap. What happened on this blog, what happened in my life? How is this blog, which was supposed to run for one year at first, going to continue? And how is my life going to continue?

Well, let’s dive right into it, shall we? Continue reading

Week 32: Zero Waste Deodorant

Here we go again on another zero waste bathroom joyride! Much of my previous routine has been “greenified” already, but there is still a long way to go. Recently, I ran out of deodorant (in other words: I lost it, but as it was almost empty, in my brain it feels like I ran out and the stick just took the pain of binning away from me by hiding forever).

Anyway, so I ran out of deodorant after over 12 months, which I consider very efficient in terms of zero waste already. In case you were wondering, I was using a deo stick which are the longest lasting of all types. Instead of going out any buying a new one, though (I haven’t shopped for cosmetic products in months!), I just started rubbing some of my toothpaste under my arms. Continue reading