2015 Wrap Up! 2016, Here We Come!

It’s the end of the year: time to get all sentimental about what I’ve achieved and what I haven’t in one year. Then moving on to the feeling that there is so much I had hoped or even planned to do, and the realisation that no human will ever do all those glorious things we all dream about. All in all a fairly depressing time.

And also time for a recap. What happened on this blog, what happened in my life? How is this blog, which was supposed to run for one year at first, going to continue? And how is my life going to continue?

Well, let’s dive right into it, shall we? Continue reading


Week 32: Zero Waste Deodorant

Here we go again on another zero waste bathroom joyride! Much of my previous routine has been “greenified” already, but there is still a long way to go. Recently, I ran out of deodorant (in other words: I lost it, but as it was almost empty, in my brain it feels like I ran out and the stick just took the pain of binning away from me by hiding forever).

Anyway, so I ran out of deodorant after over 12 months, which I consider very efficient in terms of zero waste already. In case you were wondering, I was using a deo stick which are the longest lasting of all types. Instead of going out any buying a new one, though (I haven’t shopped for cosmetic products in months!), I just started rubbing some of my toothpaste under my arms. Continue reading

Week 27: Finding free food

Alright, this week I’ve been carelessly careless and hope to get back into old (and new) habits again. To my temporary joy, though, there is something incredibly environmentally friendly poking up everywhere around, which is both delightful and tasty: it’s blackberry season! Continue reading

Week 22: Self-Made Simple Beeswax Cream

The last week was both spent making more and less waste, so this week I decided to share a recipe I’ve done some time ago. And since I’ve been using this beeswax cream for a few months now, I can honestly testify that I really do like it. Continue reading

Week 19: Self-Made Food No. 2

This week I’m presenting a few more things I tried to make myself. In order to buy less and waste less, I’ve found many recipes for numerous delicious foods made from scratch – so far I’ve only tried a few, but I’m amazed by about how easy it sometimes is, and how convenient our world has become that we don’t bother making these things anymore.

I also want to feature another beautiful experience that comes with going against convenience: failure. Even though most new things I try go fairly well, there’s always some risk and sometimes it just rightout doesn’t work. More on this below! Continue reading