The Things I Learned At Glastonbury Festival

It’s been already over a week ago that I returned from my first ever visit to a music festival: Glastonbury 2016. It was the same week that the unexpected news broke: the (slim) majority of British have decided that a political union with other countries brought more constraints than benefits. In short, Brexit happened.

As many agreed, Glastonbury was probably one of the best places to hear these revelations, together with a mass of like-minded, mostly young, affectionate, and visionary people. So rather than add my personal rant about the referendum results to the flood thereof on social media, I wanted to share what this week of turbulences actually showed me. Continue reading


100 Followers and the Beginning of Summer!

Yay! My little blog made it, we entered the “land of three-digit numbers of followers”!! (Okay, that sounds weird but you get the idea.)

As if to celebrate this achievement, the weather has been exceptionally pleasant recently, and as I’m now on summer break from university, I hope to be able to do a lot more cycling and camping and blog about it for you! Continue reading

I’m not weird, I am the future.

Rant Warning! (Don’t say I didn’t tell you.)

This is to the people who make me feel like the world’s greatest weirdo, by judging me, calling me names, joking about me, boycott me, or just look at me funny, I’ve now composed a little letter I wrote to you, in the hope that one of you accidentally finds this blog. Here it is: Continue reading

2015 Wrap Up! 2016, Here We Come!

It’s the end of the year: time to get all sentimental about what I’ve achieved and what I haven’t in one year. Then moving on to the feeling that there is so much I had hoped or even planned to do, and the realisation that no human will ever do all those glorious things we all dream about. All in all a fairly depressing time.

And also time for a recap. What happened on this blog, what happened in my life? How is this blog, which was supposed to run for one year at first, going to continue? And how is my life going to continue?

Well, let’s dive right into it, shall we? Continue reading

Week 30: Sharing is Caring No.5 – Bike Sharing!

This week I’d like to practice some sharing by sharing the idea of sharing with you (what!?).

In short, it’s time to look at all the lovely things the sharing economy has given birth to. One of them, as the title of this post implies, is the concept of bike sharing. It’s much like car sharing, just the bike belongs to a company and, well, it’s not as fast.
Continue reading