What’s this all about?

Hi there!

My name is Annika, and I’m a German studying in Scotland. My degree course is Film and Media, and naturally I love to make films whenever I have a minute to spare. I have also come to grow very fond of our University’s environmental hub, and spreading the word of their awesomeness has become my second nature.

Before I coming to uni, I have been living in Cornwall and traveling in New Zealand for over 1.5 years, encountering numerous great characters, landscapes and experiences I cannot possibly summarise in words.

This sounds like a lot, but really I have come to this point through both just going ahead trying out things, and all the people that I have met along my way, most of which have been in some part an inspiration for me to start this blog.

To go off topic for a bit, there is one lesson I have learned early and always kept holy in my life: Nothing in this life is too far away to achieve, the most important thing is to just go ahead and see where the road leads. We have to remember that what was unreachable for previous generations is wide open for us, even if people try to tell us the opposite.

Along my way, I have also figured how this world is simply an awesome place. In some way I reckon we all feel the urge to give back, instead of just taking. The question is, how? There is some ideas on the web, and one day I thought: why not try some? Why not make some changes in my life? The truth is: there is no downside. At least I can see none so far!

Whereas I know of a few bloggers who have started to change their life style in order to reduce stress and lead a more fulfilled life, this has not been the case for me. I’m fairly happy even without making changes, this is why I have called my blog “The Un-Fuck Up This World Experiment”. My motivation is not only to make a change in my life, but also to be able to change something about the world we live in. It’s a slow process, but I believe we will get there in the end.

So what am I actually doing?

These days, all we get every day is bad news: the climate is getting worse, people are getting more hateful, waste piles up around us, even water becomes rare in (‘wealthy’!) places. Of course, we’ve all gone into ‘well-well mode’: we say to ourselves “Well, well, I suppose this is how it ends, I mean, nobody cares, all these politicians are useless anyway, and if humanity is destroying itself, there is little I can do. So let’s get on with it, shall we?”

Well, congratulations that you have found this blog.

Like, what!? Am I claiming I’m the solution to our world’s diverse and complicated problems, and by reading this useless little blog you will change the world forever*?

No! I mean who am I, the girl that still loves Nutella more than kale!? What I’m inferring is that I love that you’ve made your way here, and I would like to announce to you something that sounds weirdly out of a motivation-coachbook: You can change your future! Right, you can, I mean it’s yours after all! And, in the process, you might even change someone else’s future (that’s an added bonus).

(* at only 49.99 per day**)

If you realise that some things people do are dumb, don’t do it. If you see things you disagree with, and you can change something about it, change it. If something sucks, tell people about it. And luckily, here’s a good starting point for all of these! On this little blog, I’m slowly accumulating the things I change in my life in order to have my personal little try at changing this world into something better. And, if you like, you can consider making the same changes, as small as they might be; they do make a difference.

(** that’s a joke.)

This blog relates mainly (but not exclusively) to wasteful behaviour, over-consumption, unethical (business) practices, and being out of touch with reality, and what it means to be a human being. (Hint: it doesn’t mean to be able to drive big, fat cars. Actually, cars have never impressed any animal ever.) I don’t want to rant about who did what wrong in this world (I let other figure that out), but about us, and how we as ordinary citizens, possibly short on time and money, can change our behaviour and reduce the impact we have on this earth.

A very good starting point is to calculate your personal footprint on this earth. It’s a nice little tool (even though most of Europe isn’t on there yet), and it’s how I found out that I’m doing alright in terms of most things, but that our flat uses up a way too large portion of energy (non-renewable, to make matters worse!). You can access the calculator here.

After finding out how many earths it would take if everyone lives like you, consider how many people actually DO live like you; and how many more people are a lot more careless that you! I’m pretty sure you might want to try one or two things on this blog now. Feel free to do so and tell me about your experiences!

For 2015, I had set this as a quite ambitious resolution. Every week, I wanted to make one change in my life, whether small or great, and blog about it. I managed to write 47 posts and did 32 specific changes, participated in Plastic Free July and Zero Waste Week. I found that it’s not that hard to live consciously, consuming and wasting less. If I’d know how much could change in just one year, I wouldn’t have believed myself. Feel free to read about my 2015 here.

It’s 2016, and there is so much more to do! Even though I’m breaking free from my one-post-a-week rule, I’m far from done! Please feel free to join me on this roller coaster ride, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if there is anything I’m missing just yet ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. jovialspoon says:

    Hi Annika. Iโ€™ve just stumbled upon your excellent blog while searching for articles on bikes and cycling. Like you, Iโ€™m also someone who is interested in ways to live better by reducing our environmental impact and waste. And itโ€™s great to discover that there is such a thing as the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. Iโ€™ll check out your other posts, and those of the other Network bloggers too. Many thanks for sharing all this valuable information. Please keep up the good work.


    • Annika says:

      Hi Michael,
      you’re very welcome! It makes me really happy to know that my blog helps and inspires people. I’m glad you found your way here ๐Ÿ™‚ The network is really a great starting point when thinking about reducing your waste. I also recommend joining the facebool group “Zero Waste Heroes” for tons of information not only from bloggers, but a load of other people interested in a zero waste lifestyle. And feel free to leave any suggestions on here if there is anything you want me to investigate ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Have a great day,


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