100 Followers and the Beginning of Summer!

Yay! My little blog made it, we entered the “land of three-digit numbers of followers”!! (Okay, that sounds weird but you get the idea.)

As if to celebrate this achievement, the weather has been exceptionally pleasant recently, and as I’m now on summer break from university, I hope to be able to do a lot more cycling and camping and blog about it for you!

DSC00114 Kopie

One hundred is an especially high number considering I have seriously reduced my blogging activity while trying to simplify my life. So a huge THANK YOU to everyone for hanging on, and here are a few tasters of all the drafts I have in the making for the next few posts:Thank You

I won’t say anymore, so stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “100 Followers and the Beginning of Summer!

    • Annika says:

      Thanks Chloe, I’m having a hard time arguing with a friend whether my blog name is appropriate, so thank you for adding another supporter on my side πŸ˜‰ I also visited some of your blog and love your pictures!!


  1. Near-O Waste says:

    Congrats, Annika! Coincidentally, I’m just a few shy of 100 and just started summer break too! (I’m a teacher.) I also busted ass on the blog posts a month back and wrote a bunch in advance so I could forget about it all for a while and *travel*. Enjoy your time and adventures!


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