Spreading the word offline

Hello everyone! I do hope you haven’t missed my posts too much recently. Truth is, I’ve been busy doing all types of things (some uni work was involved), that I decided to exercise no rush when it comes to blogging. I just finished classes, which I will promptly use to update you on what’s happened in the meantime.

A few weeks ago, I have finally let myself convinced to give a talk about Zero Waste here at university. How did this come about? Here at university, we have a regular event called ‘Food Huddles’, in which all students are invited to share an evening of food and exchange. The evening starts with everyone providing one (vegetarian) dish to share with everyone. After everyone is full, one person who volunteered for this week is giving a presentation on any topic that is deemed interesting and remotely connected  to the environment.

So far, we’ve had people talking about pilgrimages, democratic learning, sailing, the Baltic Sea, scouting, nature conservation, asylum systems, rewilding in Europe, and much more. After some time of observing, and with the special occasion of our union launching a bottle tax campaign, I finally took the plunge and agreed to give a talk myself.

Now, you have to know I’m not keen on public speaking. I don’t really get super nervous, I just don’t like people looking at me as if I was an expert on something. Especially after observing my bin filling more and more lately, I didn’t want to be hypocritical. But after further consideration, I’ve realised that after one year of blogging about these things, reading countless articles and news items on waste, and watching several videos (none of the documentaries, yet), I can safely say I have some type of extended knowledge. And even though I’ve been easy on zero waste lately, the steps I have taken during the last year to get where I am now are considerable.

So I did my talk, and in preparation, I could really see all the little things in my life that add up to a more sustainable life. Even though I am far from perfect, it is worth sharing my progress to get others excited about the idea of zero waste, especially as students.

At the actual day of the talk, I had a good 10 people coming along who were keen on sharing food and listening to my ideas. We had a great discussion, and I sensed that there was a great deal of interest in concrete details how to reduce waste everyday. I was very happy with the engagement and inspiration I could offer others.

So, concluding, I just wanted to let everyone know who is still sitting on the fence: Do it. Spread the word. Zero Waste is not a self-proclaiming cause, and the more you can talk about it, the more people will stop and listen with interest. For me, I didn’t know how much of a difference I could make with just such a simple presentation. But it ended up being incredibly helpful for people who really didn’t know how to take the first step. So if you’re thinking about whether to do public speaking about zero waste: do it!

If you are interested in the actual presentation, I have included a link to it here.

Zero Waste Talk

The only picture I have of that day… apparently recruiting soldiers for my Zero Waste army 😉


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