I’m not weird, I am the future.

Rant Warning! (Don’t say I didn’t tell you.)

This is to the people who make me feel like the world’s greatest weirdo, by judging me, calling me names, joking about me, boycott me, or just look at me funny, I’ve now composed a little letter I wrote to you, in the hope that one of you accidentally finds this blog. Here it is:

Letter Kopie no str

You think I’m weird. Don’t deny it, because I’ve had my share of people like you recently. I do feel sorry for people who have to encounter you and your judgement. You have a pretty narrow idea of what it is to be ‘normal’, and apparently bringing your own bags is not one of them. Or not using shampoo. Or not eating meat. Or anything that’s not how you do things, I get it.

But you know what? I’m far from being weird. That’s right. In fact, I have a different idea of weirdness. Consider this: Would you continue polluting this world if your back yard was full of waste? Would you continue to drive if you could not breathe in the smog? Would you ignore climate change if your cellar was flooding? Would you really worry about how your hair looks, or who won Strictly, or what you neighbour bought, if your family had to fight for food? Would you?

Hey, I know you think I’m melodramatic, but that’s not the point. What I just talked about wasn’t dramatic, it was my prediction of the future. The same future both me and you share.

Yeah, pretty shit, huh?

As a person who has committed themselves to protecting this world where I can, unfortunately I cannot choose to ignore the issues that are all around us. I see them and they make me feel bad. Like when some people diet and eat a massive piece of cream cake.

Ah, the guilt!

And because I couldn’t ignore it, I chose do something about it. Try to change it for the better. And if that fails, at least I didn’t contribute to the mess.

I believe that environmentalism is a growing movement. People become desillusioned with consumerism, and search for something better to give them meaning. This might be gender equality or Black Lives Matter or whatever, but I’m sure a fair deal of people will begin (and are beginning as we speak) to pledge to reduce their impact on the planet.

And in a few years, it’s not me who is weird. It’s me who will guide people, show them how to do it, even make money (or another form of a living) with this (not unlikely). And then it’s you who is weird.

Think about that.


Letter reverse no str



4 thoughts on “I’m not weird, I am the future.

  1. kristine says:

    Sorry to hear that people are not encouraging and understanding. Ignore them, they will come around eventually (if they want to live, that is…). Keep up the good work! 😉


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