Week 30: Sharing is Caring No.5 – Bike Sharing!

This week I’d like to practice some sharing by sharing the idea of sharing with you (what!?).

In short, it’s time to look at all the lovely things the sharing economy has given birth to. One of them, as the title of this post implies, is the concept of bike sharing. It’s much like car sharing, just the bike belongs to a company and, well, it’s not as fast.

I’m particularly deep into bike sharing since I started working for Nextbike, a public bike sharing organisation (this post is in no way paid for, and my opinion is entirely my own).

I have the privilege of being able to choose who I work for, and I have the principle of only working for organisations that, in my opinion, give more than they take. Nextbike is one such organisation, because they make it easy to reduce the amount of time we choose (or are forced) to use a car. And I’m also biased a little bit, because their student scheme makes it absolutely free for me. Of course, they are by far not the only company offering bike sharing programs, and I’d recommend checking out who rents our bikes in your area. As I’ve established in my last post, cycling is pretty awesome.

As it works with Nextbike, you register once with your data, and the money you spend on your rental is taken out of your account automatically. An hour’s worth of riding is only £1, and you can give them back at any of the 11 stations that are around town. Within 1 hour (which is free for me), I can basically go anywhere around town and I don’t have to rely on buses or parking. I can rent bikes for friends as well and make a little tour around the area. Most importantly, though, an annual subscription for commuters actually comes in cheaper than having to buy a bike, even most second hand ones.


Balloons not included, I’m afraid.

Therefore, bike sharing can be of great advantage if you

  • Cannot afford a car
  • Have a car, but cannot park your car near your flat
  • Might not even be able to store a bike where you live and
  • Have no money for an actual bike

There is plenty of ways how to avoid having to rely on car. And there is plenty of reasons to stop driving altogether. Bike sharing is one of them, and although it admittedly works best in larger cities with a sufficient bike network, maybe it is just the alternative you were looking for!


One thought on “Week 30: Sharing is Caring No.5 – Bike Sharing!

  1. Julia says:

    That’s awesome! We don’t have a true bike sharing program in my city (possibly due to the aforementioned -30º weather) but it’s such a fabulous concept. I think it’s also super cool for people vacationing – way cheaper than cabs!


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