Moving flat… with a little help from your council!?

We made it! Three weeks after we moved flat, we have got our internet installed. What a long journey it was, back then when a pilgrimage to the library was needed to stay up to date (or, if you’re lazy, your phone’s mobile data, which made your phone bill skyrocket within a few days). It really made me learn to value my libraries anew, both the one at my university (which is open until well past midnight), and our local town library (which is just around the corner).

Despite having already moved twice before (from Germany to Cornwall, and then to Scotland), this move was entirely new, besides other reasons because of my high waste awareness. Although our actual move went relatively smooth, both in terms of getting boxes to the new flat, and not making a huge pile of waste in the process, the following weeks threw me into a deep chaotic state.

Dear people who live in messy places and still keep your sanity: I admire you. I’ve been dressing from a suitcase for three weeks and I’m sick of it (happy to say, though, that I finally have a wardrobe now!)

Moving, I found, touches on so many sustainability issues, that I really needed to get this post out there. For my life, just moving 30 minutes closer to town has changed so much for the entirety of my greening-efforts, that I could basically rewrite half of this blog to appropriate all the changes. Probably the only things that are still the same are my bathroom and cleaning products.

To start with the basics, our new council seems fairly backwards with waste related matters. Even though the rest of town (we live in the centre now) has perfectly decent recycling collections, we now have to make the walk to public recycling bins, which are to be fair only 2 minutes from our flat (but 3 flights of stairs!!), but at the same time we will all agree that looking like a person fly-tipping their rubbish into public bins around town won’t encourage many to actually take the inconvenience and do it.

To make matters worse, we are entirely denied a food waste collection! My brain is still in shock over this revelation, and I’m trying to get the best possible solution going as soon as possible. I’m more than ashamed to admit that at the moment we are actually putting our food waste into the trash can (I can see stones flying here. The crowd boos. I bow my head in shame). After having three plastic bags of food waste degrade on the kitchen floor (trust me, you don’t want to smell that), we had to temporarily postpone our plans to save the world in favour of our nostril health. Needless to say, as soon as I will get the chance I will throw myself deeply into the project of home composting. If you have any advice on this issue that could be helpful, don’t hold back! Maybe I can also find someone with allotments to take some of my waste, but this is very dependent on location.

Where there’s something bad, of course there is also something good in return. I’m very happy that I have bought a second hand bike and started to cycle to uni. I will write a more detailed post very soon, but this is one thing I always wanted to do, and I’m really happy I can now save money and help the planet!

New Flat (1)

There it is, the beauty that is my helmet. Kids, be grateful for helmets, they might save your life one day, and they won’t even ask you to pay it back.

We’ve needed to buy new furniture, which we have done only partly now (too much to do), but if I say ‘new’, of course I mean ‘second hand’: There is three places with great second hand and refurbished furniture around, and it only took a few looks in each to finally find some good quality furniture. We could have also looked on, but our limited internet was quite a hindrance in this.

I have already hinted at it, but despite all good resolutions, I’ve devolved back into some wasteful habits. I just couldn’t deny myself things like sweet treats in times of stressed-out(-mostly-essay-related) foodlessness, and as I didn’t have a second to spare to actually make myself any snacks, I bought a lot of them. I realised I need a better plan B if I happen to be out of spare time. And I know this will happen again when my next assignments come up in March. Have you got any snack-foods/ comfort-food, sugar-addiction-feeding solutions that I could make waaaay in advance and feast on when I run out of time?

New Flat (3)

You may infer a fraction of the work that went into one (out of three) essays. Not going paperless just yet, even though it would be a great relief for my recycling bin. (…ignore the Morrisons recipe card)

I’ve really come to appreciate the time I actually do put into my new habits, and I found out how much it really is when I was short on time. Let me tell you, forget what they all say: It DOES take a lot of time and effort to save the world! But nobody ever said it’s easy being green! And if it was, everybody would do it! What would that be like!? Everybody being so horribly sustainable! What a terrible thought! .. hem hem.. *Irony mode off*

I’m very happy now that my stressed-out phase is over, and ‘normalness’ (whatever that is) has returned. I’m more than happy to see that you’ve patiently waited for my return, and I would like to thank you all that you take this journey with me. Let me know all your thoughts and comments below, and now I shall return to my weekly routine 🙂

New Flat (4) Kopie

This means work… 😉


6 thoughts on “Moving flat… with a little help from your council!?

    • Annika says:

      Haha I don’t know whether it’s actually something to be proud of, but as long as my principles are still the same, a little wander from the right path is acceptable 😉 Thank you anyway, I’ll start ‘catching up’ now with you wonderful guys 😛


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