Work in progress!

In case you were wondering why I wasn’t posting as much lately. In case you were actually following this blog and realising my latest post was due this weekend. I do apologise for my silence, and there is two reasons for it:

  1. We’re been recently moving, and although our move itself wasn’t particularly wasteful, we still have to find ourselves into a new routine. Shops are different, our kitchen is different, and most importantly we’re still on the hunt for furniture which will enable us to bring some order into the chaos that’s our new home. When you can’t find your belongings in a big cardboard box (or your clothes in a suitcase), there seem to be many more pressing matters than finding time to blog. But fear not, we will soon find our routine and, with it will return my blogging routine.
  2. Still related to our move, we experience quite some annoyances with the internet. Namely, there is none. Our current provider (*coughSkycough*) seems to be unable to set up our connection in a timely manner and further delay it by giving us appointments well in the future. Not cool. It’s almost our third week without a connection, and being restricted to going to the library and university means I have to prioritise what I do in the time I have there (which is mostly not blog-related, especially with essays coming up soon).

Again, I apologise, but I promise it will soon be better! And if you actually realised that I was overdue, here goes out a big cuddle for being such a great reader! You’re all amazing and I love the inspiration you give me. This is not over, just on hold 🙂


2 thoughts on “Work in progress!

    • Annika says:

      Thank you, me, too! I still have a lot to talk about, but so little time and so little internet. I will be up and running again though next week, I hope 🙂

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