Zero Waste Week 2015. Thursday Update!

I spend most of Tuesday and Wednesday working or quasi-working (on a personal project), I haven’t had much material to actually re-use.

I actually planned to give you a brief summary of ways I’ve found you can re-use food, such as peels, cores, etc, but Lindsay from Treading my own Path beat me to it, and I would like to encourage you to read her post which is very informative and includes all the basics I would mention myself. Well done 🙂

Things I have been re-using though can have their well-deserved chance to step into the spotlight. Roll it on!

DSC00014 (2)I re-used old wine (intended for cooking but left for too long) by adding some home-grown vinegar mother (read this post on how to get some yourself) and making some red wine vinegar. Now it has to stand and ferment for a few weeks, then I could use it for salads, an acidic hair rinse, or even cleaning.

DSC00021A few days ago, me and my boyfriend welcomed our first ever couchsurfer, and after her departure, I decided to bring this old, unloved notebook back to life and re-use it as a guest book for visitors and surfers, rather than buying a shiny new one.

DSC00018 (2)We had some boiled eggs and in the spirit of re-use remembered that you can dry and ground egg shells for some homemade calcium powder. So far I’ve dried them in last nights leftover oven-warmth, and will see in what way I can turn it into powder. I will update you on the results!


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