Zero Waste Week 2015! Monday Update

Today marks the start of The-Week-Before-I-Return-to-University. Also known as:

Zero Waste Week 2015!!!

This year’s theme is ‘Reuse’. Although I have not planned or prepared anything, I can think of a lot of ways we can reuse things in our everyday life to save resources:

  • Reuse your disposables over and over and over and over again. Who said just because it’s single use means we should only use it once?

Examples of my everyday life: plastic and paper bags, honey jars, shavers, etc

  • Ditch disposables completely and buy reusables instead. I mean, if you choose to reuse, you should get the good quality stuff.

Examples of my everyday life: Too many! Read my blog posts about handkerchiefs, menstrual cups, my long-life dish brush, produce bags, and the many more to come!

  • Re-purpose what you previously believed to be ‘rubbish’ (a bit of creativity or the internet needed).

I want to have a particular look at this last point, try to find as many ways to reuse my stuff, and share the results with you!

Things I already re-used and re-purposed:

(I apologise for the bad quality pictures as it was already dark when I started writing this post πŸ™‚ )

These little jam jars get regularly reused for sauces if we’re having barbecues, but recently the reuse spirit reached new levels as I started propagating spring onion ends in those little jars! The experiment works quite well and I have expanded to include my boyfriend’s little milk containers, too.


I was fighting to keep the onion ends afloat when re-growing, until I just realised I needed smaller containers. Win-win.

I hate when tights rip, especially since both cheap and expensive ones alike never last until the 3rd time of wearing them. One way I stopped putting another pair to waste was stuffing with old newspaper to make a cheap and effective draught excluder.


Looks funny close-up. But it works!

Despite eliminating almost all junk mail (we hardly get any now!), we will get a lot of letters from our council, banks etc. Instead of recycling straight away, they get used for shopping lists and other notes. We have them handy in our living room, and I’m sure we will never need to buy another note pad again.

Our rats are reuse champions! Any old cardboard or cloth item can be repurposed into some type of rat toy. Be it crisp rolls, old hats or towels for hiding places or just parcel or tea boxes to play with. We have hardly bought anything extra to ‘furnish’ their cage, and, honestly, I would advise anybody against buying new when it comes to rodent cages. They won’t appreciate it anyway!


Biff is showing off his sleeping hat πŸ™‚


Imagine the dispair if the rats broke a new bought roll. Like this, the Pringles rolls just have a life extension.

I first considered donating it, but now this excess cake tin serves as DIY plant tray. It’s got the perfect size for my window sill, actually.


If you don’t look to closely, you wouldn’t even notice that it’s not actually a plant tray.

These are a few things I’ve reused so far. This week, I want to reconsider the things I throw away to find even more things I can reuse. Apart from the obvious decoration piece or art installation, I hope to be able to find new inspiration for me and you!

I you have a Zero Waste Week reuse idea or blog post, tell me about it in the comments! Let’s expand this list as much as we can! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week 2015! Monday Update

  1. Rachelle Strauss says:

    Loving all your reuse ideas, Annika. We too use old trays for houseplant drip trays and I love that you’re having a go with spring onions. I want to know if they work; if they do I’ll be trying it too!


    • thingio says:

      Thank you! At the moment, they are a rather sad view, but I’m hoping they will pick up and grow nice and large. One thing is for sure: it takes a long time to grow a spring onion.


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