Week 23: Zero Waste Dishwashing

Back from the adventure that was Plastic-Free July, I’m very proud to present a new member of our little family: my natural, compostable dish brush! I’ve decided to ditch sponges for good (never liked them much) and check out all the alternatives. Number one on my list was a brush, but I’m still looking into maybe knitting or crocheting a dish cloth which sounds cool and inexpensive (when I’ve bought needles and wool, that is. Oh, and when I find some time. Which is, like, never).


Isn’t it a beauty?

So far, I’m fairly happy with the results, and I can confirm it cleans just as well as any sponge. It surprisingly keeps the soap a lot better than a sponge! I sometimes still need the help of my steel scourers with tough stains, but not really any more than before with sponges. It also looks cool and so classy in my otherwise chaotic kitchen. Like I actually know what I’m doing!

It actually comes with replacement heads, which I find absolutely awesome as this way really only a small part of the brush is actually ‘disposable’ and needs to be ‘thrown’, i.e. composted – and it will be cheaper for me when I only need to buy heads.


A replacement head. And some product endorsement. Sadly I don’t get paid for it…

Which brings me to the financial side. The brush and three replacement heads cost just under £9, which is fairly acceptable. Previously, I’ve used very cheap brushes for £1 each and which only lasted 6 weeks max. Needless to say how much waste I created! So, if each brush head lasts 4 months, the cost is basically the same. Any longer and I’ve actually saved money. And looking like the pro-dishwasher comes entirely for free 😉

One downside I’ve noticed so far, which is typical for organic materials. Despite drying the brush between every wash, it had started blackening with mildew (?) after the first few weeks. I’m pretty sure this is not supposed to happen, especially with the good care we pledged to give it. It didn’t get any larger recently and the brush works just fine, so I’ll keep an eye out and maybe update you on this. I’m fairly confident this is just me being careless again – and I’m trying so hard! Apart from the cosmetic issue here it’s been absolutely fantastic in the weeks I’ve had this brush for.


It doesn’t really bother me much, to be honest. Shame on me for letting it happen!

(If you’re interested, this is where I bought it.)

As well as my shiny new brush, I’ve also started refilling my old dish washing liquid containers at our university refill stations where they sell Ecover products completely without packaging. Saves me finding a good recipe online 😉

How do you do your eco-friendly dish washing? Are you a sponge/cloth or brush person?


6 thoughts on “Week 23: Zero Waste Dishwashing

  1. Inge says:

    I’ve bought a brush as well but am not really happy with it. It’s loosing bristles too fast, there is some black stuff appearing on it and the handle isn’t shaped in a way that it would be easy to apply enough pressure. Does yours loose bristles as well? Do you know what they are made from? I didn’t find this info following your amazon link. Thanks.


    • thingio says:

      Mine is quite a high quality which I very much like. Apart from the 4 or 5 bristles it lost after opening the first time, it never even lost one more in the whole month of usage, no matter how careless I’ve been. As far as I know the bristles are “natural material” and vegan, so I guess is some type of plant fibre. The black stuff appeared for me, too (is it mildew?), but instead of hanging it up I put it upright to dry, so the water would flow away from the head. It’s not spread any more since then.

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