Plastic Free July Week 4: Getting there

Apologies to all those waiting for another post on our efforts for Plastic Free July. We’re knee-deep in fighting with various entities, and I’ve actually got little to no time to spare. Hopefully, all this mess with soon clear up and leave us room to concentrate on what’s most important. Until then, I invite you to admire our groceries of the last week:

Groceries2 Kopie

As means of explanation for the plastic-y side, we’ve decided to make a change in our diets, mainly because my boyfriend suffers of an illness which causes him to have less energy than normal. I’m not going into detail, and we’ve been doing many different things to try to make it better for a long time. We’ve now decided to change our diet a bit, including smaller meals and increasing our consumption certain foods like yoghurt, fish, nuts, fruit (especially berries) and other stuff. This is the reason why we decided to loosen Plastic Free July rules, as individual health goes before environmental health. Of course, we still went plastic free as much as we could (that’s why you can see a 5er’s worth of cashews), but as you know we can’t find yoghurt, other nuts or berries at all in bulk, we decided to go plastic in this case. We also bought another tray of blueberries and some packets of nuts, but they will be reserved solely for my boyfriend, which means they’re excluded from my challenge.

Until next week when there will be a much longer post!


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