Week 22: Self-Made Simple Beeswax Cream

The last week was both spent making more and less waste, so this week I decided to share a recipe I’ve done some time ago. And since I’ve been using this beeswax cream for a few months now, I can honestly testify that I really do like it.


Last week was filled with a visitor, and all the things you do when people visit. My boyfriend and me want to spend the majority of the summer travelling around beautiful Scotland, so we can get rid of our car at the start of the next academic year. Of course, all this travelling takes time and preparation, and once again I noticed just how much preparation was needed. And that me, as the (primary) zero waste committed person I have to make sure we are well prepared for everything.

A few things I always try to keep in my bag:

  • Handkerchief (for dirty hands and sniffle-noses)
  • Stainless steel bottle(s)
  • Sandwiches and snacks on days out (because you ALWAYS crave for some – here being prepared is key)
  • Cloth shopping bag
  • 1 plastic bag in my wallet (if I forget the shopping bag and for any other emergencies)

But, I am primarily writing this post for a whole different item I always keep in my bag: some home-made beeswax and coconut oil cream! I’ve only accidentally stumbled over this recipe, but was immediately intrigued by its simplicity. You only really need 5 ingredients (3 for the even simpler version) and just one small jar to make it. It takes less than 10 minutes and it’s basically fool-proof. Plus, I really only put into it exactly what I want to be on my skin – no less, and no more.

The full recipe and quantities can be found here.


  • Beeswax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Essential Oil for scent
  • Vitamin E for extra care

It’s as simple as that: Put the first three ingredients in a jar over some hot water and melt slowly on the stove (NEVER melt beeswax directly on the hob, always in a bath of water!).

When everything is melted and combined, just let it cool down to room temperature. It will harden up, and to before it becomes too hard, mix well with a fork every few minutes. You could alternatively mix it in a bowl and use a whisky blender (whatever it’s called) to whip the cream when it’s hard to avoid waiting.




… and after melting!

Once at room temperature, add scent and vitamin E. I added tea tree, and as my beeswax had an annoying plastic smell at first (from the packaging it came in), I added waaaaaay too much tea tree to cover it. Well, it still turned out great and the plastic smell went away all by itself.

I am using this cream now for literally everything, from face to hands to whole body cream when I feel like. It’s very greasy, and takes some time to absorb, so I wouldn’t use it on my hands if I knew I’d need to use them 😉 And obviously, I wouldn’t recommend it to people with naturally very greasy skin.

As well as that, I only ever use a tiny bit which goes a long way. Which means the one small jar I made is still over ¾ full after months of usage – you can’t beat that.

I’d like to calculate the price, but since I seem to have at least 10-12 months’ worth of supply and only used the smallest bits of the ingredients I bought, it’s almost impossible. It’s certainly a ridiculously cheap option!

To quickly scratch on the zero waste aspect, I already had everything apart from vitamin E and beeswax, and all came in glass jars, so no extra purchases and waste had to be made for that. The vitamin E was also in a jar which I purchased from Holland & Barrett. Only the beeswax came in a plastic bag, and until I use it up (which will probably take a loooong time) I will see whether I can find a better (non-plastic) option.


An empty Nivea tin suits me perfect for on the go 🙂

Took together, there is plenty of wins:

  • I made minimal waste by making my own cream (a lot less than when buying cream in stores)
  • I spend almost no money on each batch, taken the huge amount I can get out of it and how long it takes to use it up
  • I only put the stuff on my skin I want to put on (and these 5 seem perfect for my personal preference)
  • The cream is still of very high quality – I dare to say a lot better than what you sometimes get for cheap in shops
  • Because it’s oil based, it will last a long time, even if I don’t use it loads
  • It’s also anti-bacterial and whatnot (tea tree/vitamin E/etc.). Which means I put it on cuts and bruises and save myself buying a healing cream (This is what I myself assume. Don’t mistake it for scientific fact. It works for me 🙂 )
  • And I can even change the scent as I please!


I’d love to hear what recipes you have found to make your own cream, what scent and other ingredients you add. I want to try deodorant next, but since I’ve read a lot about fails, I’m going to make sure to find the most suitable recipe before I attempt to make it. Oh, and have you heard about Plastic Free July?? More on that soon! Stay tuned 😉


2 thoughts on “Week 22: Self-Made Simple Beeswax Cream

  1. thingio says:

    I wanted to try an alum stone, too, when baking soda fails. I’ve heard though that I won’t stop you from sweating, only smelling. I’m not sure if that would work with me.


  2. Candice says:

    I will have to try out that cream, it sounds great! I don’t make my own deodorant, I just use a plain alum stone that is marketed as aftershave, it works really well and only comes in a tiny cardboard box 🙂


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