Update: Finishing 3 Months of Project 333!

So, my personal 3 months of doing Project 333 are over, and what has happened? Well, although I stretched the rules more than once in these 3 months, I feel like it’s been a huge success.

Because it’s not really about rules, not about having only 33 items, not about trying to make do without, not about living on your limits. It’s about being aware of the things you wear, and only wearing what you love.

(Read my two previous posts about me doing the challenge here and here.)

What happened to my initial wardrobe in the course of those three months?

  • One pair of boots broke and was not replaced. I coped well with it since spring set in and decided the other pair was enough.
  • I swapped dresses every now and then with others which were in storage, to give each the credit it deserves. Most of the dresses I didn’t wear now went to charity or made their way into my summer wardrobe. The ones I haven’t worn in the next 3 months either will go as well.
  • We had one day when spring was very hot in these three months. Due to my wardrobe not being prepared for actual heat, I got myself my pair of shorts from storage. After that day, they went back. (They are now in my summer wardrobe.) As I said, Project 333 is not about living with those 33 items or die trying, but having awesome stuff to wear. I did that day and more importantly didn’t die of sweating


  • I had to get out my festive outfit for the only formal occasion of the year, which I kept separate and which did me a great service that night. I will keep it handy so I can use it again during the next months.Formal Outfit
  • Today, I have brought ½ box of clothes and the other half filled with random stuff to a charity shop (they were more than delighted) and I’m sure I won’t miss anything of the stuff I let go.
  • I still went into shops (I so much love charity shopping) and looked around, and one day found a new coat which was the luckiest buy ever. I swapped it for one which I really liked a lot less. To me, that wasn’t breaking the rules, it was improving my wardrobe, and I love this coat now more than anything.CoatWhat benefits did I have with my capsule wardrobe?

Did my dressing in the morning go easier? Yes, it did. Although I had less choice than before (obviously), I could see with one glance what was there. Before, I only ever chose the same stuff, so eliminating the unnecessary pieces made my wardrobe look so much clearer and organised.

Did my washing days go easier? Yes, they did. The washing itself was about the same amount of work. Although my boyfriend still has his ‘normal’ amount of clothes, I could completely eliminate folding my own tops and bottoms, as I could hang them all in my wardrobe without problem (having lots of spare hangers).

Did somebody mention anything to me regarding my clothes? Nope, never. Nobody ever noticed that I had less items in my wardrobe, probably because I only wore the same stuff before anyway 🙂 The only thing I received was compliments for my various dresses, but this is possibly unrelated to the wardrobe as a whole.

Would I continue to use a capsule wardrobe? Yes, definitely. I would not go for the Project 333 challenge specifically, although I recommend using it to get used to a small wardrobe. Now that I have a feeling of how much clothes I NEED, I can easily create a new capsule wardrobe without looking at numbers specifically, and tweak it whenever the weather or circumstances need me to.

What disadvantages did I have to deal with?

My only disadvantage happened when I went on a short trip and had to pack my suitcase. I vouched to take only what I needed and nothing more. It turned out to be very much trickier than in theory. First of all, packing itself was very easy, as I basically just took my entire wardrobe and still had lots of space in my suitcase.

On this trip though, by boots broke (as mentioned), and since I had no spares, nor was there a shoe shop anywhere around (it was in the Scottish Highlands), I was lucky to be able to borrow a pair from a friend. Apart from that, I ran low on tops and socks and ended up wearing one pair each for two days (must have counted the amount of days wrong). At the same time, there was nothing I could have done as I took ALL my tops with me. So for a trip of more than 7 days and without washing machine, my capsule wardrobe reached its limits.

How does my summer wardrobe look like?

I kept quite a few items of my former wardrobe, but took into consideration that even in Scotland it can get hot (i.e. 25°C+). The few items I liked but didn’t make it into my wintery wardrobe were given a chance to star, and I swapped all my thick stuff for only 3 hoodies to cope with the cold. Have a look here:


DSC00016I’m going all risky this summer and include only one pair of full-length jeans. However, if I find a good pair, I might go up to two. I also decided to mend my old pair rather than buying a new one, and I feel like the patch gives it some character 😉

DSC00017I’ve also kept the skirt from my winter wardrobe (check out my post to see it).


Tops KopieDSC00029DSC00032DSC00038Sorry for some blurry pictures here, by the way. 😉

Dresses:dresses Kopie

I only include two at the same time to keep it simple, but rotate them in and out to wear each one at least a month.


DSC00025There’s potential for an additional pair of sandals of flip flops here.



Additionally, there is my winter coat still on hand (it’s Scotland, after all).

My clothing count comes to 30 items plus accessories (i.e. my watch and my necklace) which is just under 33. I didn’t count while putting it together, but it seems like the perfect amount of clothes (maybe plus one or two in the process of 3 months), and it suits me as a person.

What do you think, could you do project 333 and what is your greatest fear, and if you already have a capsule wardrobe, what do you love most about it?


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