My Quarter-or-so-yearly Summary!!

So over ¼ of my ‘unfuck-up year’ has passed. So far, so good (where has the time gone??). Before I go on with my blogging routine, I’m trying to sum up the past few months. And I’d really like to know your thoughts. What do you think of my efforts so far? And more importantly: what would you like me to change before the end of this year? I have a few plans myself still which I’d like to hear your opinion on, too!

I’ve also very recently found the Zero Waste Bloggers Network, and I’m very happy to be a part of this community. So far, we have over 40 members and it keeps on growing every day! I recommend looking at the others’ blogs, just scroll down to the bottom of this post and start exploring!!

Through this, I’ve been nominated by Rachelle from My Zero Waste to answer 10 questions about my Zero Waste Blogging, so stay tuned for that in the coming days!

So, to sum up the past 15-ish weeks now, let’s have a look how it’s going:

Zero waste efforts:

  • Foodwise (which is my biggest challenge), we still have to improve: dairy, meat, sweets, canned food & condiments. At the same time, we are doing well with: fruit & veg, dried goods (pasta, rice, porridge,…) & eggs
  • In my bathroom, I swapped shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, cream, toothpaste, liquid soap, tampons, towels (and hopefully soon deodorant) for baking soda, coconut oil, soap, vinegar, beeswax (post will follow), my new mooncup and some essential oils. There is still a lot of cremes and makeup and stuff from before I started this blog, which, after they are used up, will not be replaced.

Minimalist efforts:

  • Since both of us moved (me from Germany, my boyfriend from Cornwall), there was still stuff that had to be carried from back home into our new flat, so it half feels like we now own even more, but fortunately only stuff with a purpose, such as a telescope and a guitar.
  • On the other hand, I keep a nice huge box in one of our cupboards which is quite regularly filled with new unnecessary stuff and will go to charity when full. I will keep this going for a while now and keep on finding things to ditch every other day.
  • As well as that, I’m still going strong for Project 333! I swapped another dress and substituted my torn boots and added one more piece for spring time, so I’m still on 33 overall and my wardrobe couldn’t be more easy!

Other efforts:

  • I’ve tried to go veggie and almost failed, but it doesn’t put me off trying to eat less meat overall, in which I think we slowly progress.
  • I’ve learned a lot about stuff I can easily make at home, such as lemonade, mayonnaise, bread, stock (post to follow; spoiler: I failed), and generally cooking from scratch which adds up to a huge saving on groceries and of course zero waste.
  • I’ve talked a bit about other changes in lifestyle which do not affect me hugely, for example sharing via bookcrossing (which saves money and is actually near-zero waste) and other platforms, and trying to include some more relaxation into my daily routine (so far, I’m pretty bad at that :P)

Things I want to change in the weeks to come:

  • I’ve been thinking about making some more diet-alteration weeks, including less sugar, or vegan (how I’m dreading it);
  • I want to add some more home-made recipes which will save me money and time;
  • I am looking for washable panty liners at the moment to near-zero waste my bathroom for good;
  • I want to generally reduce my waste even more (even on my tight budget which does not allow every change);
  • I would like to raise awareness of (and myself being made aware of) sharing economies and platforms going on at the moment;
  • I’d really like to encourage people here in the UK to go voting (I can’t as a German national, but I’d certainly write a nice post about it 😉 );
  • I’d like to look into issues we might have with stuff like data protection or privacy, or generally those things I have no clue about at the moment but are happening without our consent;
  • I want to test how far zero impact/waste can to while traveling (which will happen in June);

… and even more stuff I cannot think about right now! I can’t wait to hear any suggestions or advice you might have, which you made in your life or maybe are afraid to make – let me be your guinea pig! 🙂

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zero waste bloggers networkAs promised, here is a list with loads other Zero Waste Blogs all over the world. If you are a zero waste blogger and cannot find yourself, let Inge from Gruenish know and she will induce you into our small community 😉

(This list is definitely not exhaustive!!)

Across the big pond:

In the US:

In Canada

In Mexico:


In Germany:

In the UK:

In France:

In Poland:

In the Netherlands:

In Spain:

Other places far far away:

In Hong Kong:

In Morocco:

In Australia:

Let me know if you should be on the list or if there is a mistake 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Quarter-or-so-yearly Summary!!

  1. thingio says:

    Oh, I really only took the list of Zero Waste Bloggers from the Network, but maybe you have a point. I guess I will put out on another day a list with all the awesome minimalist bloggers out there which are equally inspiring!


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