Week 13: Farmer’s Markets

Yes, you got me, I shamefully skipped last week. I was terribly stressed with uni (nothing new) and still am until Monday. (It seems my course coordinators have a secret pact to put all their deadlines in the same week.) Well, well. I decided I was not going to add to the stress last week with a blog post, but make up for it by just publishing two posts this week (the second one is to follow tomorrow). Enjoy 🙂

Edinburgh Farmer's Market

We have looked around for Farmer’s market from the very beginning when we moved to Scotland last year. I was looking to write this post a while ago, but I wanted to make sure I’ve seen fairly all of the markets in the area. Eight months have passed and we still haven’t made it to all of them. There is roughly 6 different Farmer’s markets in the wider area, which is quite a large selection, and due to them being on varying Saturdays in the month (Edinburgh being on every week), it really offers a chance to get fresh veg every week.

Nonetheless, the concept doesn’t quite seem to work out with us. So far, we have visited 4 different markets, and were going to see the 5th one, which unfortunately wasn’t on that day. As it’s in the area, we tend to see the same farmers advertising their produce. A disappointment was the market which had no stall with vegetables (I mean, what?), which is basically the main reason we go to Farmer’s markets. The nicest had a nice selection, but lacked any bread (a deficit we can make up with our own bread now).

So far we’ve basically noticed one problem (or maybe one thrill?): you never know what you will find. To me, I have to admit, it was rather frustrating, as in my opinion, the whole idea of zero waste goes hand in hand with a good planning, especially when it’s about food. And not being able to find what you came for in the first place is especially annoying when you counted on it for your planning.

Other than that, the prices are understandably high. As a student especially, of course, we sometimes were just not able to afford a local produce that was 3 times the price of the supermarket.

Edinburgh Farmer's MarketOne last point is that the markets are in a very restricted time window, and if you miss one Saturday (which happens more often than not), you cannot buy anything until the week after. Call me lazy, but I guess for most people it’s not possible to have a schedule that precise.

Having said all this, I do want to continue visiting the Farmer’s markets of our region. I’ve started to regard Farmer’s markets more like buying a treat rather than a regular, comprehensive shop, and this way, it becomes more of a nice day out with the benefit of returning with some nice food, which is far less of a restraint. (Plus, as I mentioned, I get quite a selection of lovely veg already from our university’s coop and don’t need to buy much in addition). I appreciate the food more that I buy there for more money, and usually of a higher quality. I like the feeling of supporting those people, and I know my food leaves hardly any impact on our Earth shipping-wise. And, lastly, I am always well informed of which veg is in season and can make more seasonal buying and cooking choices.



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