Week 12: Veggie Week!

This week I’m writing about a challenge which couldn’t look more insignificant to some people, and never harder to others. It’s about eating vegetarian for one week. (I’m in the latter group of people, as I found out this week.)

I initially thought I might end up as vegetarian one day, as I’ve occasionally and repeatedly heard of really bad animal farming practices (I never went into detail, though, as scratching the surface of this mess was creepy enough). So, well, I know a few people who are declared vegetarians (for various reasons) or just don’t fancy it as much as other people and therefore kind of live vegetarian anyway.

It’s not that I’m a massive meat eater, on the contrary, we rarely go to the butchers, and always seem to only ever get some mince or a bit of chicken. But that’s only half of the story, as we are (especially me as proper German-girl-stereotype) very fond of sausage, bacon, salami, ham, and other processed types of pork. Enough said on this: it felt embarrassingly hard to stay away from meat for one week.

The second problem is, animals are in too many things I didn’t know were made of them! I got painfully reminded of this fact when my parents send a big Easter package with my little sister’s holiday visit, and we could hardly eat any of the sweets in it (and sweets were basically the only thing inside!). From gelatine (gummi bears etc.) to lots of butter (biscuits etc.), we stuck to the chocolate until thankfully going back to omnivorous tomorrow!

Other than our violation with gummi bears on a long day trip with little sugar supply, we have actually managed to keep our veggie pledge for this week. This is what we had. Sorry there is no pictures, I tried my best, but the food was gone too quick 😉

Monday: Starting the week, I made a creamy vegetable pie with broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, carrots and potato mash.

Tuesday: Being a bit in a hurry, we went for wholegrain pasta with a jar of tomato sauce.

Wednesday: Halfway through, we had the leftover pasta from Tuesday, as well as my new culinary find, crackers and cheese, as a dinner-slash-snack.

Thursday: We celebrated the arrival of my little sister and her friend with some typical German food, potato pancakes with apple sauce

Friday: Some more pancakes on Friday, this time the literal version, with some unhealthy goodness, i.e. Nutella and jam 😉

Saturday: On the aforementioned day trip to the Scottish Highlands, we feasted on potato-tomato-and-egg salad, as well as crackers with cheese, and (shame on us) a lovely supply of gummi bears. For the evening, our tired bodies could just about make it to the take-away where we loyally stuck with veggie pizza.

Sunday: Lazy Sunday provided us with a delicious cauliflower curry, a recipe I haven’t tried before. It was very tasty and one veggie dish I will keep for the future.

I must say as an afterthought, it felt to me as a sausage-n-bacon person as if there was something missing this week, especially pizza is so naturally meaty to me that it was hard to resist the temptation of a nice pepperoni pizza. Obviously, I’m still deep into my meaty routine, and one week of veggie won’t change much, no surprise there. I have come to appreciate vegetarians a lot more (I thought it wouldn’t be too hard when I started), even more so vegans — what the heck DO YOU eat?? We escaped into consuming a lot of cheese this week (glorious cheese!). My ‘One week vegan post’ will have to wait until I feel confident enough about decent alternatives. So far, nothing can top a nice piece of fat-dripping bacon (even as I type I feel the attraction in my imagination), and my fellow omnivores will know the satisfaction in some types of comfort food that will have to be adequately replaced.

I might become vegetarian one day, but it is surely not this day.


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