Update: One Month of Project 333

So, I have started my personal project 333 about one month ago, and still going! I must say, I have stretched the rules a bit in this month, but I myself consider to have done quite well so far for my first time 🙂

I’m guilty of actually shopping in this month, but none of them big shops. I’m always tempted to find a gem when walking past a charity shop and I can’t resists going in and looking around. The thing about charity shops is that most of the time, you find nothing, and so I ended up only with buying one jacket in this month which looked great and cost me £3. I bought it as I knew I needed a coat for summer and I will stick with the rules and not wear it until my three months are over.

As well as that, I entered a 33rd item to my list which is a hoodie. I got it from my university film society and as I had one more item open, I decided that it will be included.


One pair of my boots actually broke during a trip into the Scottish Highlands and I need to replace them. So far, I haven’t managed to find new ones, but if I do, I will add this in my 33 items list as a replacement of my previous boots.

I actually went on two trips with my new simple wardrobe, one of which was a trip to the Scottish Highlands. I admit, only taking exactly what you need (and nothing more) is not a great idea, although it made packing easier. Of all my clothes, I had to take all my remaining jumpers (and still panicked about not having warm enough clothes) and having finished packing, my wardrobe was almost entirely empty. It was weird. Nonetheless, the amount of jumpers was exactly enough as my fluffy cardigan did a good job for me and kept me nice and snug.

One thing that did happen though was that I decided only to take one pair of shoes, i.e. the pair that broke as I mentioned earlier on. And, of course, it broke on this trip in the Highlands, halfway down a beach which was more than 20 minutes from our accommodation at night. You can say I had some bad luck there. Borrowing a pair of shoes from wiser people than me brought me through that trip, and I suppose this won’t make me take two pairs next time either. I will simply invest in a decent pair and make sure they are not dying already before I depart (which these ones definitely were).

Apart from that, my wardrobe has done well so far, and I will reward myself with swapping one of the dresses (which I actually only wore once) with a different one for the next month. 🙂


This was my project 333 update, stay tuned for another week of world saving activity coming to you Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Update: One Month of Project 333

  1. lethally says:

    It actually sounds to me like you’re doing pretty well 🙂

    Rules are meant to be broken LOL. I broke all of them on my first month on The Project 333, but what I found (and what you’ll probably find too) is that, over time, your wardrobe will tune itself up so that you end up with exactly what you need and little (if anything) more. I found, when I started, that I had lots of tops and shirts but no jeans that actually fitted me – go figure! So I actually had to go do some shopping just so I could wear the beautiful shirts I had in my wardrobe in the first place!

    You’ll also find, if you’re like me and everyone else doing the Project whose blogs I’ve read, that having less really helps you figure out your own style. I found that I really just am NOT a dress and skirts person. They just don’t suit who I am. I’m a jeans girl. So now I’ve finally accepted that – after years and years – and I’ve settled with a wardrobe that reflects who I am and what I actually like to wear, instead of what I think I should be wearing according to the dictates of fashion.

    It’ll all work out. And as for replacing things, you’re not meant to deprive yourself. If something needs replacing, then replace it. But spend the money and get GOOD quality stuff. I’m finding that men’s clothing (some of the more neutrally-gendered shirts, for example) are much better tailored and better made than women’s clothing is. And good quality boots and shoes (like Doc Martens and suchlike) are always worthwhile, as they last for years. I also go for real leather as opposed to that “pleather” stuff – it just lasts better, and I get better value from it, for everything from handbags to belts. I just have one handbag that lasts for a few years, instead of 3-4 (or more) “fashion” bags that fall apart quickly. I think that’s more eco-friendly too.

    Anyway, good luck, and I look forward to reading your next installment! 🙂

    (Oh, and still loving the name of your blog!)


    • thingio says:

      Wow thanks for your thoughts, I couldn’t agree more to everything you have said!! I actually feel like for the first time in forever my wardrobe actually represents my personal style; the things in it which don’t work will have to make space soon for better (and better quality) stuff. You’re absolutely right, and to be honest, I didn’t worry too much about the rules (I’m just too much of an idealist to NOT credit where I’ve gone astray :D). And it makes shopping so much easier already, as now I can see the things I need, rather the things that are on offer! 😉


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