Liverpool Library

Week 10: Sharing is Caring No.2 – Libraries!

This week I’m late again, for different reasons this time, as we’ve been on a day trip to Liverpool this weekend. As we promenaded around town we encountered the beautiful library in Liverpool – I was in love! And feel like I have not spoken enough about the awesomeness of libraries!

As I mentioned previously, libraries are awesome places. Of course, for me as a student, I cannot value our university library enough since I get all my knowledge from there. But even in the small village I live off campus, the library is an important part of the community. Besides from free rental books, they offer the latest newspapers to read for free, have computers with internet access in case you need it, and offer you advice on housing or taxing matters.

Especially when you’re not familiar with a place (and especially especially when there’s no tourist office), libraries are the perfect places to start discovering new places. Sounds like that’s not entirely the concept of a library, but it’s true. When my boyfriend and I travelled up from the South, we had a great deal of help from the library, especially when we had no internet access. Good, old advice helped us just as much as any Google search could.

Of course, a university library is probably an entirely different thing, and the fact that only students can benefit from literally ever book ever is quite sad. I regularly discover interesting or weird (or both) books that I tell my boyfriend about (or borrow it on his behalf). Where else could you read about ‘the Matrix’ in an academic way!? Access to a library and knowing how to use it can educate you in just the same way as lectures and seminars in a university could, and sometimes even better.

Lastly, the massive library in Liverpool. Under the roof of this huge building, it felt like any book in the world could be found. They had a café, a reading room, a kid’s library, lots of computers and interactive material, and loads and loads of books full of knowledge to be shared. This library wasn’t just a place full of books, but a community space to get together, entertain your children for a while, do your online business, or simply sit in an awesome room and read.

Liverpool Library

Isn’t that beautiful 🙂

Looking deeper, we can also discover that borrowing books keeps more trees from being chopped down, omits the problem of storing them in an ever-overflowing bookshelf and recycling them if their time is up, and saves you money! I don’t know if it’s me, but displaying immaculate book backs in a dusty bookshelf is just outdated. Books want to be read and shared. Go out and share them!

To be short: libraries are awesome, and we should not be shy to use them!


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