Week 9: De-stress.

I’m sorry this week’s post is late, as an essay for university has got me in its grips. And instead of talking about sharing as I planned, this made me think about stress and being stressed.

These days, everybody just wants to be able to do everything. More than that, to be good at everything. I’m certainly no exception, if anything, I’m one of the worst. For this semester, I have probably committed to double as many things as I am supposed to be. I’m currently balancing between studies, (various) film projects, our garden, our weekly video diary for the Student’s Union, cooking and household stuff, this blog, and now my essay.

I should have learned about the importance of stress when my boyfriend fell ill December 2013 with what is supposed to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Regardless of what it actually was that made him drop out of work for almost 1.5 years now, it was caused by stress. It shows you how powerful stress is for your body if it makes us completely shut down sometimes.

So really, I’m in a good position to avoid being over-stressed, but really I’m not. Why is that? I guess, people only get to know their limit if they reach it. And most of the time, that’s exactly when it is too late. I’ve noticed that I’m close to my limits when I fell ill a few weeks ago and was forced to catch up on my studies and everything I left undone when I didn’t feel well. I was fortunate to have a semester break anyway to help me not literally stress out on this. Which made me realise how much load we carry around all day.

So when going mad about this essay (as usual) and doing all the crazy, awesome and stressful stuff I do, I realised that I need to do some changes this week. First, I want to add one more factor to the equation, and that is time for myself. Time for calmness and reflection. I always wanted to start meditating, but I’m awfully restless. Just actively taking time to slow down and relax and stop this wheel of stress for 10 minutes every day is what we all should allow ourselves. The second thing I want to change, not in this week but during the weeks to come is to reflect on my commitments and to drop some. This will probably be quite hard as I love all of what I do, but as a thoughtful human being we should be able to acknowledge the amount of effort our bodies can do, and not forcefully do more than we can. It’s about getting to know your ability, your time, and eventually about only doing a few things, but doing them great.

This is why I didn’t do any extensive research on stress (as most of us are familiar with it anyway) and allow myself to drop into bed now, waiting for your thoughts and comments in this week!

PS: My essay is almost done and it feels good 😀


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