Week 6: Project 333

This week I decided to take the challenge, am I able to wear the same 33 items for 3 whole months??

Well, I honestly have to say I didn’t think much about my world changing plans last week, but since I had been thinking about the challenge for quite some time, I knew it was time to take it now. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard. For now.

For those who have not heard of Project333, the rules are simple:

Choose 33 items of clothing (including shoes and jewellery, excluding underwear) and wear nothing else for 3 months. Then revisit what you haven’t been wearing, or just get rid of it (donating, of course!).

That’s what I did in a 30 minute quick-declutter session today, choosing my 33 favourite items. Funny enough, it turned out it wasn’t that hard, for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t own that incredibly many clothes, especially after my 2 boxes of clothes I gave away a few weeks ago.
  2. There was a lot of pieces I had which I could easily put away, either because it was summer wear (20%) or because I kinda wore it a lot but kinda didn’t like too much at the same time (80%).

Actually, I surprised myself with the fact that I had a few things which I didn’t like, but had to put into my 33 clothes anyway due to lack of any other similar pieces. This was especially true for my shoes, it looks like I’ve just been too tight to buy a new pair of flats during the winter. So, is this good or bad?

The hardest part was certainly to select my dresses, as I have (and had) way too many, even after giving away quite a few! I think I was left with about 10 dresses, 3 of which were special occasion, and I love every single of them. Needless to say, my Project 333 rules are stretched a bit, and I allow myself to swap the two dresses I selected for two new ones after every month. I also bent the rules a second time to include all my winter gear (i.e. scarf, gloves, hat and other stuff) counting as one, as I’m a cold cold cold person and I freeze to death here in Scotland without them.

Other things I counted out completely were the following:

  • underwear, tights & socks,
  • one pair of jeans and one pair of wellies I use only for gardening, and
  • one special occasion dress & two heeled shoes (I actually don’t expect there to be a special occasion in the next 3 months)

Anyway, if you like sneaking into other peoples’ wardrobes, here you go, have a look at mine (I’m awfully sorry for the poor quality, I’m not a photo blogger):

DSC00058-001 KopieCoats and winter gear, fluffy and cozy stuff, winter boots and some lighter footwear.

DSC00065-002 Kopie

I’ve noticed I won’t wear shorts until May anyway. But lots of layers! Plus, a necklace & my watch (essential!)

DSC00067-003 Kopie No Project 333 without dresses! And my 4 favourite sweaters.

DSC00081-004 Kopie

3 more tops which I really like. Will come in handy when temperatures go up again.

What’s this challenge actually for? Most obviously, it’s for realising how many clothes in our wardrobe are just there, without them being any useful to us. How much time we spend shopping for things we don’t need, and maybe don’t even like. I myself found a top I had just bought recently, and I had to admit to myself that I didn’t plan to wear it from the very beginning (luckily, this doesn’t happen often to me).

Secondly, this challenge is also supposed to help people concentrate on the really important things. It’s for people who stand in front of the wardrobe every morning, thinking: “I’ve got nothing to wear!” It’s to simplify our lives by giving us only the pieces we love every day, so we can spend the time we save with each other or more important things. Nobody says: “I need to have this many clothes, I want to think about my outfit every day, I love being in front of my wardrobe and can’t see the wood for the trees”.

So there it is, possibly a solution. I will have to determine whether it’s the solution for me and of course I’ll keep you informed on 15th May what I plan to do with the stuff that’s left.

Let me know in the comments whether you’ve tried the challenge before or what you think of it in general!


13 thoughts on “Week 6: Project 333

  1. lethally says:

    I’m doing the Challenge and am about 7-8 months in now. I love it, and the way it’s helping me to rein in and plan my wardrobe and clothing spending.


  2. allroundbetterme says:

    I am always so impressed by people that try and to the 333 project. I have trouble with having different types of clothes… athletic clothes, casual clothes, office clothes, worksite clothes… But I think it is time for me to put my closet on my decluttering list. Maybe I’ll try a 333 project in the spring when I can put away all the winter warm stuff. Totally looking forward to hearing how this works out for you.


    • thingio says:

      Wow, I’m actually impressed myself with it. Doing it for one week now gives you already a whole different perspective on your clothes, and I honestly say that if my style wasn’t that simple in the first place, I might have well struggled. But that’s what it’s about, about realising that it takes little to be simple. And for the different types of clothes, I think it depends on the type of person you are, but with a bit of tweaking around, there’s a few possibilities. I’m only including clothes that are so comfortable that I don’t need leisure clothes, for example. Or picking pieces that can work for office as well as at home wear. Or simply tweaking the rules and not include shoes/coats/etc. What ever you choose to do, give it a week’s trial and see what happens 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. howtobejillian says:

    I think it’s a fun challenge, though I don’t know if I would ever do it. Is it bad that I don’t think I could stop switching out my purses? 🙂 I love that you’re making it your own- I think that’s what is really important for learning from it.


    • thingio says:

      No, I don’t think it’s bad at all, the challenge is certainly not for everybody, although I would encourage everybody to at least give it a try, if only to re-explore the contents of your closet 😉 The great thing about it is that you’re allowed to make the rules suit you, so why not start with 50 items, or maybe not include purses for now? It’s most important to remember that it’s a challenge, not an ordeal. 🙂

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  4. tonyaloves31 says:

    I like this idea. How did you decide on 33 for 3 months? Definitely harder if you go through a season change. Did you buy anything new and swap it out for something old?


    • thingio says:

      I came onto the idea through the ‘official’ Project 333 site (theproject333.com). Somebody there must have decided 33 is a suitable number, and it works quite well (any less and I would’ve struggled!). I thought about seasons in my decision, and since I’m located in Scotland and I’m a naturally cold person, I guessed I wouldn’t need to include shorts or summer dresses. Most of people doing the challenge try to include pieces you can rearrange and get creative; I’m quite a simple person if it comes to dressing, so if the weather decides to mess with me, I’m done 😀 I’ve only started yesterday, but I have found a few pieces that are likely to get worn out in the next months, so there is a plan to go out and buy something (not new though, I’m a charity shopper) if it comes to that.


  5. taehreh says:

    I am working toward this. Haven’t actually narrowed it down to 33 items yet, but I’ve greatly downsized what I do have and it’s already been a huge relief. I’m also not going to count toques/scarves and other winter things, though. They are necessities.

    Anyways love your pieces! Do keep us updated.


    • thingio says:

      Thanks a lot!! And keep going yourself! After I downsized my closet a few weeks go I thought that was it now, what is left is what I like. But actually, looking at it yesterday, there were STILL things I didn’t even like too much. Of course, I do wear them quite frequently, but it made me realise how little of my clothes I actually LOVE to wear, and these are exactly the 33 pieces. Crazy! Let me know if you take the challenge!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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