Week 4: Zero Waste Lunch

This week I’ve taken the challenge to go zero waste for my lunch break at university. It doesn’t sound like a great challenge, but how often have we found ourselves hungry while out and about, and had that sandwich from the shop, nicely wrapped in plastic, along with the disposable bottle of coke (or other soft drink), which go straight in the bin after? Or even bringing along your own, we have been wrapping our butties in plastic bags for as long as we remember (or, at least, as long as I can remember). For me, those times have passed.

20150130_094838Taking along my stainless steel bottle, I’ll never run out of drink, and even better: I’ll be able to fill it over and over and over and over and over… you get the point. Isn’t is crazy how we have to re-learn that durability counts more than cheap offers?

For sandwiches, I’ve dug out my old handkerchiefs from the times when I thought their only use was to clean my flute. Well, I was wrong, and I have endorsed those amazing pieces of cloth, using them, apart from wrapping my lunch, to wipe my nose (I’ll never need to buy tissues and still won’t run out ever again!), clean my glasses, windows, mirrors and screens, wipe my hands from the garden dirt I was digging in, wrap my hair when doing an oil treatment, wipe up some spilled tea, do some lazy dusting, and many other things.

20150130_094850Thirdly, the semi-optimal solution of a reusable lunchbox, which is (yes. I’m sorry.) a plastic box. I couldn’t find a container made from stainless steel or comparable materials so far, so I’ll have to go with that. It’s not too bad, though, as it is the next step to a sustainable lunchtime; the process is evolving, so to say. The point is, I can use it over and over and over again without having to put anything to waste.

But, not surprisingly, I have been up to a few more things in the week which I will report on in the coming entries. One of them was having a look at our local farmers market, which is a bit more time consuming as most of them are only once a month.

I have also finally managed to get rid of my old clothes for good, giving them to a friend of mine who is keen about making costumes. Guess how happy she was about 2 full moving boxes of clothes…? I also had a few other things which I gave to the nearest charity shop, as well as nettle tea (horrible!) and some beauty products, which, depending on condition, still need to go to our lovely ‘Fair Share’ at university, which accepts hygiene product and food donations and gives them away for free.

I’m also trying to get a fair amount of my grocery shopping with as little packaging as possible, which is quite a task as it seems. Stay tuned for updates!


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