Week 3: Declutter, declutter, declutter…

Decluttering: Sounds like nothing, but that’s what I’ve been doing throughout the last two weeks.

I got initially struck by inspiration after reading a few minimalist blogs and re-thinking the flat I live in, asking myself: Which stuff do I live with in my everyday life, and more importantly: What stuff do I live with that is a greater burden than help to me? That sounds pretty dramatic, but that’s basically the feeling I got when reading about those amazing people living outside of what we perceive as ‘normal’.

Having the urge to greatly declutter now, I started with my wardrobe, looking at all my clothes. Most of the declutter-work I did was pretty easy as I knew I only held on to most of my clothes out of convention. I never ever wore any of this stuff.

Then it got harder with the stuff that I didn’t wear, but WANTED to. Like when you look at a dress (etc.), telling yourself: I love this, it looks so great, I can wear it in summer/at weddings/to parties! It was considerably harder to tell myself the very important thing: I just simply DON’T wear that stuff! I had different, prettier, more comfortable dresses etc. that I prefer to wear in summer/at weddings/for parties. So essentially, they were always spare, but never actually WORN. I managed to get rid of a great part of those, as well as jewellery (which I stopped wearing out of laziness) and shoes (which was quite hard, too. I’m such a woman).

I have to admit I did keep a few things assigned for formal occasions and job interviews. I put them separately so I can keep track of the clothes I keep for everyday wear and see whether I really do wear them. But I can already say, looking back right now, I don’t miss any of the stuff that’s gone, and I probably won’t in the future.

With this great inspiration, I went on to our bathroom. Since I started trying out the benefits of baking soda and the like (see my last week’s post), I tried my new decluttering skills in our bathroom, sorting out shampoo, various creams and trials from things I don’t even remember I had trials from, as well as off medicine, those shitty limb hairbands every girl with long hair knows and more… This was somewhat harder as to the question of what to do with the stuff now, since you cannot donate opened bottles of shampoo or used deodorant… Stuff that was basically empty or off went straight into the bin (so much for my zero-waste, but it’s only a first step), but I’m still wondering what to do with the rest. It’s in a lovely little ‘get-rid-of box’ now, and surely we’ll find a solution or people who would like to have it.

My last great declutter was in our kitchen, where I didn’t really (have to) do much. Since we basically buy food with the prospect of eating it, there were only a few food things I knew were a mis-buy. I brought those to our university ‘fair share’, where people can leave their food for other people to take for free. I can say, I could have tried to check our general kitchen for spare dishes, gadgets and the like, but, honestly, I’m a student! I don’t OWN as much stuff! So, no point right now in my opinion in trying to declutter. (I’m not that much of a madwoman) πŸ˜€

Well, that was my task for this week. Not much probably, I have to admit (even though the space I have now in my wardrobe is remarkable!), but it’s just one step of the way to a possibly easier life (I do hope so) in this crazy complicated world.

Three boxes!


2 thoughts on “Week 3: Declutter, declutter, declutter…

    • thingio says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words! πŸ™‚ Good luck to you, too, seems like you have a bigger task than me. But what can be more satisfying than seeing a pile of junk go (and in your case, some money come instead!?)

      Liked by 1 person

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